Charley Jones, expressionist artist, residing in Colombia

Q & A with artist Charley Jones (Colombia)

Initially, I chatted with Charley Jones back in May 2018. An inspiring artist and capoeirista, with a deep sense of social justice. He told me then, his art is made to be shared. The responses we, as a gallery, receive on his work  have been very positive; both in Canada and the US. I wonder Read more about Q & A with artist Charley Jones (Colombia)[…]

Dutch urban-artist

Meet contemporary artist, Pee-Jay Czifra

“Painting gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose. It has been my path back to health; my life after cancer.” Building a life after cancer Dutch contemporary artist Pee-Jay Czifra has used his creativity to build a new life after a brave, and difficult fight with cancer. One of the most significant moments Read more about Meet contemporary artist, Pee-Jay Czifra[…]

Meet Charley Jones, artist and capoeirista

“My paintings are a reflection and expression of unification. It is not about trying to represent beauty. It is about looking beyond that.” Meeting Charley, artist and capoeirista It would have been an absolute pleasure to visit Charley in Colombia, where he currently resides. However, a tight schedule before Try it ART’s San Francisco exhibition Read more about Meet Charley Jones, artist and capoeirista[…]