2nd annual "Taste of the World" exhibition

2nd annual “Taste of the World” art exhibition

Join us for our 2nd annual “Taste of the World” art exhibition in San Francisco, CA, organized in collaboration with Back to the Picture Galleries. You can enjoy works by 15 of the best emerging artists around the world. From eclectic abstracts, thought-provoking figuratives, and enticing landscapes: the “Taste of the World” exhibit will take Read more about 2nd annual “Taste of the World” art exhibition[…]

Solo exhibition by Canadian artist, Donna Winn

“Donna Winn – From The Soul”

When talking to Donna about her inspirations and her work, you soon realize that she has stories to tell about each of her paintings. How they came to be, and how they evolved. Each work representing a small part of her personal journey, her inner world.  From her soul Initiating from her soul, her artwork Read more about “Donna Winn – From The Soul”[…]