• Julie Edwards
    Style: Semi-Abstract, Semi-Representational
  • Julie is a painter who is very much inspired by nature. She likes to visit certain places, significant to her, and truly experience them. She takes pictures and studies the location into great detail. Capturing the experience into journals and later on, sketches. She describes eventually transferring her inspiration onto the canvas as "an entirely new experience, almost an emotional response."

    Besides being a painter, Julie also teaches art, part-time. She tells us that although she would miss teaching, she would give it up for the benefit of her life’s purpose: being a full-time artist.

    You can read more about our meeting with Julie in Wolverhampton, UK here.

    Julie is always open for commission pieces. Please contact us for more information.

    Born in 1970 in Lancashire, Julie Edwards is based and works in her studio at Eagle Works Studios and Gallery. Unlike so many of her contemporaries, Julie has been working steadily ever since, progressing from large semi-abstract paintings that often took on an aerial view of both the industrial and natural landscape towards a more sophisticated and personalized, semi-representational format.
    Julie’s work is preoccupied with an intense inquisitiveness about the world she inhabits. She says: “I do not endeavour to portray a realistic painting of the landscape, but aim to show the relationships and interactions of human beings within it. This includes recordings the marks made by the force and flow of elements and traces left behind on the earth’s surface; by the weather, animal, plant life, geographical events or by man and his interventions.”
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