• Joaquim Lourenço
    Style: Expressionist
  • Introducing Joaquim is not easy. Joaquim is a man who does and enjoys many things: He is an art teacher, but also writes poetry, loves photography and wood work. Drawing and painting; he does it all with a passion.

    Joaquim shows us his perception of the world through his work. "There are no deeper meanings to my paintings, yet I need to show a certain thing I saw, and put it out there. When its purpose, why I made it, is fulfilled, I start a new one."

    You can read more about our meeting with Joaquim in Lisbon, Portugal here.

    Joaquim is always open for commission pieces. Please contact us for more information.

    Born in Moçambique, and based in Portugal, Joaquim considers drawing a huge part of his work. His signature style consists of bright, vibrant colors and deliberate lines through which he takes something ordinary, enhances peculiarities, and gives it a personal look.
    I love making Art. It is largely how I see myself! Ever since my first sketch, many years ago, drawing has been a huge part of my work; I paint, but the drawing is always there. My work usually consists of taking something ordinary and give it my personal look; projecting my experiences, either in life or in my artistic work. Sometimes it may be in a line, a perspective, ambiance, streaks, and blobs of color, texture, contrasts, negative-positive, a small detail, or an entire body or landscape. “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~ Auguste Rodin
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