• Bea Garding Schubert
    Style: Abstract Expressionist
  • Bea is an inspiring artist. A free spirit, not only in her thinking and approach to life but also in her process of creating each painting. Channeling pure creative energy, she always starts with the painting on the floor. She wants to be able to walk around it, waiting until the last moment to decide which side is up or down.

    All of Bea’s paintings carry a clear message of Positivity, Hope, Change, Light, and Optimism. "I feel it as my obligation, my task even, to open people’s eyes, minds, and hearts. Inspire them to change, or simply see things in a more positive way. Provide them with a different aspect of the world around them."

    You can read more about our meeting with Bea in Nienburg, Germany here.

    Bea is always open for commission pieces. Please contact us for more information.

    Born in Germany, Bea travelled the world for 8 years after her studies after which she first settled on the Canary Islands, and later in Mallorca. A full-time artist since 2007, Bea now shows her artwork all around the world; Art Beijing, Barcelona, New York, and San Francisco. Some paintings are part of the collection for the German embassy in Athens.
    I have taken a clear decision. For me, creating art is about power and confidence. My paintings should be a carrier of hope. How does an artist handle the unpleasantness the world sometimes brings? Showing it is one possibility. Or make it even more unpleasant than it is. Instead, I decided to show beauty and hope; Hope is always the main theme.
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