• Arngrim Larsen
    Style: Abstract expressionist
  • Arngrim is an enthusiastic and humble young artist, who has a strong internal drive to paint. With his abstract and intuitive style, he invites his audience on a journey, a voyage of thoughts.

    We are proud to represent Arngrim, supporting him in his artistic endeavors.

    As soon as we have met Arngrim in person, a full blog will follow.
    Arngrim is a self-taught artist with a history of creating art throughout his life. In school, he lost track of his creativity for a few years but when he picked up a camera, he found new inspiration. After 13 years of photography, only when he started working with pencil and paint, he realized he found what he was looking for.

    My works are centered around the feelings and struggles of being a human being; they often focus on some kind of personal development or personal growth. A growing or fading passion, a personality trait discovered or strengthened. I am currently working on a series of paintings, which are evolving around the idea of an internal dialogue, asking questions about the why and how. A personal journey of self-discovery. This process is represented in a series of thirteen works; The Voyage of Thoughts.

    Always called “the creative one” within my family, my passion for art has been with me since I was a little kid. Through the years my creativity has taken many forms but painting is the closest to my heart. It has changed the way I look at the world around me, as a constant inspiration to create new work. Some people hear music in their heads, I see colors in and around me. My thoughts forming patterns needing to be expressed on paper or canvas.

 By working intuitively, in contact with my emotions; with a palette of just a few selected colors and by creating patterns, I hope my paintings evoke a personal journey with its audience.

    I believe that abstract art has the ability to connect us with a part of ourselves, making a personal experience with, and feelings about the artwork the most important thing. There is no right or wrong, its all about your heart, feelings, and thoughts. Each viewer’s journey through my paintings just as important and exciting as my own.

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