Abstract landscape artist, Gesa Reuter

Meet abstract landscape artist, Gesa Reuter

“I am a traveller between worlds” — abstract landscape artist, Gesa Reuter A beautiful drive from Hanover Airport, through the rolling hills of North Rhine-Westphalia, takes me to the small city of Detmold, Germany. An ancient city first referred to in the year 783. Checked in to my room at a charming hotel in the Read more about Meet abstract landscape artist, Gesa Reuter[…]

Meet Vancouver Island artist, Lois Goodnough

Meet Vancouver Island artist, Lois Goodnough

“I want to add a little bit of beauty to the world.” — Vancouver Island artist, Lois Goodnough A direct flight takes me from Calgary to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. And as soon as I step out of the airplane, I notice it. Salty and breezy: the sea! It makes me excited for what’s ahead: a Read more about Meet Vancouver Island artist, Lois Goodnough[…]

"Bison" (2019) Mokulito print (1/6) by Austrian artist, Bernhard Cociancig

Meet Bernhard Cociancig, artist on a mission

Beautiful mountain views, West Bragg Creek’s sprawling trail system and one happy gallery dog who could come along for the afternoon. However unlikely the setting, it is where I had the first of many conversations with an incredibly humble human being with a big heart. Meet Vienna-based Bernhard Cociancig; a remarkable man, and an artist Read more about Meet Bernhard Cociancig, artist on a mission[…]

"Looking over your Shoulder" is a mixed media on canvas by Canadian artist, Donna Winn

Meet Canadian artist, Donna Winn

For my interview with our first Canadian artist, I do not have to travel far. In the community of Redwood Meadows, AB, just down the road from Try it ART’s offices, I find Donna Winn. I know her as an artist; a talented painter. Then one evening, I heard her sing. What a voice! Deep, Read more about Meet Canadian artist, Donna Winn[…]

Meet the artist, Claudia Limacher

Meeting Claudia Limacher The rolling foothills of the Alps, sparkling mountain lakes; as I relax and enjoy the stunning scenery, the train takes me from Zürich International Airport to Lucern, where I am about to meet abstract impressionist artist, Claudia Limacher. After an enthusiastic welcome, Claudia shows me around her town. Small picturesque streets, lined Read more about Meet the artist, Claudia Limacher[…]

Dutch urban-artist

Meet urban-artist, Pee-Jay Czifra-Malawau

“Painting gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose. It has been my path back to health; my life after cancer.” Building a life after cancer Dutch urban-artist Pee-Jay Czifra-Malawau has used his creativity to build a new life after a brave, and difficult fight with cancer. One of the most significant moments in Read more about Meet urban-artist, Pee-Jay Czifra-Malawau[…]

"Princess Parrots" by Dutch artist Janet Timmerije

Meet Dutch artist, Janet Timmerije

“I have to create, and I have to paint. Painting is my life.” — Janet Timmerije Meeting Dutch artist, Janet Timmerije A two-hour train ride takes me to Eibergen, the Netherlands, where I am about to meet Dutch artist, Janet Timmerije. My second visit to this productive artist who gives workshops, does art history projects Read more about Meet Dutch artist, Janet Timmerije[…]

Meet Charley Jones, artist and capoeirista

“My paintings are a reflection and expression of unification. It is not about trying to represent beauty. It is about looking beyond that.” Meeting Charley, artist and capoeirista It would have been an absolute pleasure to visit Charley in Colombia, where he currently resides. However, a tight schedule before Try it ART’s San Francisco exhibition Read more about Meet Charley Jones, artist and capoeirista[…]

Meet abstract artist, Arngrim Larsen

“If my art touches your heart, I have found purpose in life.” — abstract artist, Arngrim Larsen A major power outage around Schiphol Airport threw a wrench in my visit with visual abstract artist, Arngrim Larsen in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unable to fly out, but thanks to technology, I was lucky enough to still meet this Read more about Meet abstract artist, Arngrim Larsen[…]

A meeting in San Francisco

Meeting the Artist: Martín Revolo, or Shulka

No airplane travel required for this artist’s meeting. Just the usual crazy rush-hour traffic as I drive up to San Francisco. My GPS directs me to the Hunters Point Shipyard Studio’s; an artist community founded in 1984, currently providing studio space for around 300 artists. Amongst them, artist Martín Revolo, or “Shulka” as he likes Read more about Meeting the Artist: Martín Revolo, or Shulka[…]