Voyage of Thoughts, No. 03

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  • Size: 15.5 x 19.5 in.
  • Acrylic on canvas
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“Voyage of Thoughts, No. 03” by Arngrim Larsen

The individual paintings within the Voyage of Thoughts series invite the viewer on a journey; a voyage of free-flowing thoughts, with each work resembling a piece of the process towards personal growth.

Like a journey if you will; a train of thoughts, creating a pattern. Very much like a page from a diary or a notebook. With instinctive strokes, Arngrim lets each work take him on a voyage, his thoughts leaving marks behind along the way. Communications within himself, questions and answers going back and forth, and a pattern starts to emerge. Resembling a second voice, a new colour is added. Another colour is added, representing a question mark, quotation or exclamation mark.

Arngrim chose not to give these works a specific name. They are just numbered. “My wish is to allow the painting to speak to the viewer. Not being pointed in a certain direction, yet able to go on your personal voyage with the painting. Just like I did.”

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