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  • Size: 27.6 x 27.6 in.
  • Mixed media on a deep canvas (acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and gold leaf)
  • Wired and ready to hang.

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More Information

About “Unreachable”, an abstract landscape

When the world goes dark and moody, optimism and the belief that things will improve sometimes seems to be an unreachable goal. At some level though, even in the sleepless depths of night, we know that the sun will shine again.

Magdalena’s artwork

Every painting is built up from multiple layers of acrylics, watercolors, and pastels. In many of Magdalena’s landscapes, she also includes gold leaf as a way to express the heat and luminous intensity of the sun. She adores the potential interplays of texture, reflectivity, and color that this mixed media approach allows her. She often uses watercolors to tint the metallic reflections, which leads to the colors changing continually with the viewer’s perspective and the lighting conditions.

Learn more about Magdalena Morey

Would you like to know more about Magdalena Morey, what drives and inspires her? Consider reading the Blog about our meeting with her in Aranjuez, Spain.



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