Rental (per month): $65.00
Purchase: $1,350.00

  • Size: 48 x 36 x 1.4 inch
  • Mixed media (acrylic, black gesso)
  • This work is ready to hang
  • There is a 3-month minimum for renting this artwork

Please email us to inquire about renting or purchasing.


More Information

“Transformation” by Calgary area-based artist Donna Winn

Winn, about her inspiration on this piece: “We seem to be online constantly nowadays. Screens and devices on us wherever we go. It has transformed us, as a people. Perhaps it is time to reconsider. Could we benefit from being offline from time to time? ”

Art from Donna Winn on your wall?

You can explore Donna’s artist page and work in our online Gallery. Can’t find what you are looking for? Or perhaps you have something special in mind for that one room? She is also available for commissioned work. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Meeting the artist

We will soon sit down with Donna for another meeting and a full interview. Her home in Redwood Meadows, just south-west of Calgary, is packed with her artworks! We cannot wait to hear her full story as we know it will be an exciting one to share. It is what we do after all: meeting each of our artists in person and sharing their story with you via our Blog Pages. While waiting for Donna Winn’s story, you may be interested in reading about Janet Timmerije, a Dutch expressionist painter. Or perhaps you’d like to read about Portuguese expressionist artist Joaquim Lourenço.

We hope you enjoy!


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