Breeze (SOLD)

  • Size: 39 x 47 x 1.57 in.
  • Mixed media: acrylic, oil, pigments, pastels, and spray paint

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“Breeze” by Claudia Limacher

This abstract and textured landscape by Claudia Limacher is inspired by the fall colors during a walk on Lake Lucerne. Some of the darker colors being messengers of winter with gold pigments reminding us of a continuous light during the colder months that await. “Abstract landscapes to me are symbolic of the human spirit shown in many of my pieces”.

Commissioned work

Inspired by Claudia’s work? Claudia is open to working with you on a personal artwork for your home. When you are interested in such a commissioned artwork by this talented artist, please contact us.

Meeting the artist

Interested to learn more about Claudia, her art, and her inspirations? We visited her, in her studio in Meggen (Lucerne), Switzerland. The account of this visit is available to you on our Blog page.



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