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  • Size: 35.4 x 53.1 in.
  • Mixed media on board (acrylics, watercolors, and pastels)
  • This painting requires framing

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“Awake”, a figurative artwork by Magdalena Morey

“Awake”, a stunning figurative by Magdalena Morey, is a representation of the feminine self-revealing her true nature. Her strength, sensuality, and fearlessness all rising in a sinuous, unstoppable wave of social awakening.

Magdalena’s figurative work focuses on the representation of the feminine form. They are not intended to be self-portraits; yet more of an expression of her own internal states of being. The development of each piece is somewhat akin to participating in a film where she is both the subject and the director. The figures grow, move and develop, until she reaches a point where she feels the composition has captured something fundamental about her perceived reality.

The end results may be highly dynamic and playful, concentrating more on the representation of motion. Or they can be far more static and thoughtful, with more focus on the use of color and texture. Magdalena tends to stick to the abstract form for the majority of each painting but includes one or two areas, such as a breast or the navel, that become more life-like.

Magdalena’s work

Every painting by Magdalena Morey is built up from multiple layers of acrylics, watercolors, and pastels. Morey: “I adore the potential interplays of texture, reflectivity, and color that a mixed media approach, and especially the use of gold leaf, allows me. I often use watercolors to tint the metallic reflections, which leads to the colors changing continually with the viewer’s perspective and different lighting conditions.”

Meet Magdalena, the artist

Would you like to know more about Magdalena Morey, what drives and inspires her as an artist? Consider reading the blog about our meeting with her in Aranjuez, Spain. Perhaps you are also interested in reading about some of our other artists. For example the German expressionist artist Bea Garding Schubert, or Colombia-based UK painter Charley Jones.

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