November 6, 2017


  • Michelle Hold
    Style: Contemporary abstract
  • Contemporary abstract artist, Michelle Hold

    Michelle Hold is born in Munich (Germany) and grew up in Austria. She started studying architecture in Austria, then by chance, entered into modelling. This experience provided her exposure to the international circuit. She lived in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Munich and London while attending various art and textile design classes.

    Successful textile designer and artist

    Michelle was... READ MORE

    Michelle Hold's Artist Statement

    “Painting is my tool to bring beauty and a sense of well-being to you. I am passionate about nature, colour, harmony and abstraction. My work concentrates on the unseen; the ever-present energy that holds the universe together. I love to paint emotions, feelings, philosophical thoughts, and states of mind. Aiming to offer you, as the spectator a view into special moments where all is possible. Where my dance-like gestures encounter the vibrations... READ MORE

  • Pee-Jay Czifra
    Style: Contemporary urban art
  • Dutch contemporary artist Pee-Jay Czifra, aka HippeShit 013

    Dutch contemporary artist Pee-Jay Czifra(Pee-Jay for short) is an auto-didact painter, designer, and founder of HippeShit013, his life after cancer. While battling a tough fight with cancer at the age of 36, he uncovered his lost passion for creating art. Along the way, he used art, painting and new-found creativity to his benefit; it became his own personal therapy, his path to healing. PeeJay is busy with commissioned... READ MORE

    Pee-Jay gave up life’s certainties in supporting his family when he quit his job at the Department of Justice; a job he held for 17 years. With the full support of his family behind him, he is now focussing on his 2nd chance in life. Learning new techniques, finding his style, and most of all: creating art from the heart.

    With an irresistible urge to paint, Pee-Jay inhales inspiration and exhales creativity. "I want to welcome you to my work, my journey, my life after cancer."

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