November 6, 2017


  • Gesa Reuter
    Style: Abstract
  • Abstract landscape artist, Gesa Reuter

    Gesa Reuter (1964) lives and works in Detmold, Northern Germany. Throughout her adult life, she has enjoyed arts education (workshops, courses, artists in resident programs etc) by a variety of professional artists from the Berlin University of the Arts, the VBK Berlin, the Art Academy Augsburg, and the College of Art and Design (Petersburg).

    Exhibitions (past and current)


    Being born in the north of Germany, I have always felt a close connection to the elements, like water, wind, air and the northern skies. Particularly the colours and light keep fascinating me and give me strength and power. I have been a semi-abstract landscape painter since 1996. Over the last couple of years, I have started to professionalize my work.

    Inspired by the works of Mark Rothko, I have recently started painting with watercolours and gouache. Painting in thin... READ MORE