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  • Michelle Hold
    Style: Contemporary abstract
  • Contemporary abstract artist, Michelle Hold

    Michelle’s artistic career consists of a multitude of significant turning points - she started studying architecture in Austria, was a successful fashion model in Milan, Paris and New York, studied textile design in London, subsequently working actively in Milan before finding her feet in abstract painting. She is currently living and working in Italy.

    Each experience has added a new dimension to her artwork, which embodies the structured layering of architecture and a trained understanding of the minute differences in color hues. Michelle’s large abstract canvases are referred to as almost overwhelmingly vibrant. They have a quality that perhaps can be best described as “wall presence”.

    Michelle about her work

    “When I create I seem to tap into the real me; into something bigger than my present body, and into the endless possibilities of this universe. It makes me feel complete. I paint energy; liquid, dance-like movements, multiple layers, and colors that talk.”

    Michelle Hold has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, the US and China. Her work is today housed in numerous private collections in Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Romania, USA, Germany, France, Iceland.

    Commissioned work

    Love her style, but cannot find exactly what you are looking for? Michelle loves to create a piece especially for you. Send us an email and we will connect you with her.

    Contemporary abstract artist, Michelle Hold

    Michelle Hold is born in Munich (Germany) and grew up in Austria. She started studying architecture in Austria, then by chance, entered into modelling. This experience provided her exposure to the international circuit. She lived in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Munich and London while attending various art and textile design classes.

    Successful textile designer and artist

    Michelle was successful as a textile designer in Milan, where her designs have been used by Krizia, Escada, Ungaro, and Bluemarin, amongst others. Her contemporary abstract paintings have been featured in different art fairs, and exhibitions across the USA, China, and Europe and are part of private collections in Italy, Austria, the UK, Romania, USA, Germany, France, and Iceland.

    Founder of ArtMoleto

    Michelle founded a group of artists, called ArtMoleto, which is a continuously evolving international art project. Together they organize interesting meaningful exhibitions in public institutions throughout Europe. She is also the recipient of many national and international prestigious art prizes.

    Exhibition experience

    Below a selection of Michelle’s exhibitions (past and present):

    • Celebration of ART, Gallery 44 | Try it ART, Bragg Creek, AB (Canada) (G)
    • 2nd annual “Taste of the World” exhibition by Try it ART Gallery, San Francisco, CA (G)
    • “Fragile Beauty” by Galleria Itinerarte, Venezia, Italy (S)
    • “Uno Sguardo Diverso”, Galleria Cortina, Milano, Italy (G)
    • Biennale Donne Trieste, Italy (G)
    • Metamorfosi Creative, Castel Nuovo, Napoli, Italy (G)
    • “Fragile Nature”, Castello di Casale Monferrato, Italy (G)
    • “Uno Sguardo Diverso”, Galleria Cortina, Milano, Italy (G)
    • “Color is calling”, Castello di Casale, Monferrato, Italy (S)
    • “Color is calling”, Castello di Costigliole d’Asti, Italy (S) “Shades of Blue”, Tenuta Tenaglia Sierralunga di Crea, Italy (S)
    • “Musical Vibrations”, Discerner Residence, Mayfair, London, UK (S)
    • “Square Peg’"Circle Gallery, Sheffield, UK (with ARTCan) (G)
    • “Dreamers’”, Centro Culturale Valenza 'Eresia' Fabbrica della Ruota, Italy (G)
    • “Saturazioni” Castello Visconteo di Abbiategrasso, Milano, Italy (G)
    • Quaderni d’Artista Tribu dell'Arte Novaram, Museo Etnografico e Archeologico a Oleggio, Italy (G)
    • “Anduma - A Look into the Future”, ArtMoleto & ArtCan, Valenza, Italy (G)
    • “Turning Inside”, Culture Center Valenza, Italy (S)
    • Summer Exhibition, Purdey & Sons, Mayfair, London, curated by Celine Gaurier-Joubert (G)
    • Biennale Donne Trieste, Italy (G)
    • “At this Moment of Time” with ArtCan Scottish Art Club Edinburgh, Scotland (G)
    • Debut Contemporary London (Jan-Apr), London, UK (G)
    • “Terræ”, Borgo di Moleto, Castello di Casale Monferrato, Italy (G)
    • “The World is full of Color”, International Training Center ILO United Nations, Turin, Italy (G)
    • “Tra Ragione e Sentimento”, Galleria ItinerArte, Venezia, Italy (G)
    • “Shades of Silence”, Castello di Costigliole d’Asti, Italy (G)
    • “Oltre l’Immaginazione”, hosted by Accademia Filarmonica a Casale Monferrato, Italy (G)
    • “Rosso Vivo - Bright Red”, hosted by the International Training Center ILO - United Nations (G)
    • “Woman in Red”, Tenuta Tenaglia Serralunga di Crea, Italy (S) "Warriors of Light”, Debut Contemporary, London, UK (S)
    • "Blue Mood" Spazio E, Milano, Italy (S)
    • "Blue Mood”, Palazzo Racchetta Ferrara, Italy (S)
    • "Blue Mood" Galleria 20, Turin, Italy (S)
    • “Visioni Sfumate“ Palazzo del Monferrato Alessandria, Italy (S)
    • “European Abstract Painting” Shanghai M50 (S)

    International Art Fairs

    • The Other Art Fair, London, UK
    • Creative Innovations, New York, NY
    • Red Dot Miami Art Basel Project

    Exhibitions in Museums

    • 2018 “Philosophical Thoughts”, Parete Art Museum, Napoli, Italy
    • 2016 “Koinè”, Museo Ricci Oddio, Piacenza, Italy
    • 2014 “Premio Janua”, Museo St. Agostino, Genova, Italy
    • 2013  "Rosso Vivo”, Science Museum, Turin, Italy
    • 2013 “Il Sogno dell’Acqua”, Museo Tavernole, Brescia, Italy
    • 2012 “Premio Normanni”, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Palermo, Italy  

    Michelle Hold's Artist Statement

    “Painting is my tool to bring beauty and a sense of well-being to you. I am passionate about nature, colour, harmony and abstraction. My work concentrates on the unseen; the ever-present energy that holds the universe together. I love to paint emotions, feelings, philosophical thoughts, and states of mind. Aiming to offer you, as the spectator a view into special moments where all is possible. Where my dance-like gestures encounter the vibrations of colour. I like my creations to enchant and add to your happiness. Bringing beauty to your home and open the mind.”

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