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  • Elena Myasnikova
    Style: Contemporary
  • Calgary-based, contemporary artist, Elena Myasnikova

    “Nature itself is my inspiration, it provides the feathers to my artist’s wings.” — Elena Myasnikova

    Living and working in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, beauty and pure magic surrounds Elena Myasnikova every day. Hence it is of no surprise she considers nature to be her main source of inspiration.

    Highly detailed, with lavish embellishments, Elena likes to be in control of the outcome of the process. She knows where the work is going and her palette is carefully chosen. Deliberate in every phase of the artwork coming to completion, she envisions her work already in an art collector’s interior. It is Elena's intention to add beauty and tranquillity to your home or office space.

    We've included small, large, and x-large artworks of this talented Russian-Canadian artist in our collection .

    Love Elena's style? She truly enjoys working with you on a special commission piece for your home or office. Please contact us for more information.

    Calgary-based, contemporary artist, Elena Myasnikova

    Russian-Canadian artist, Elena Myasnikova, is based out of Calgary, AB. She started her artistic journey in her late teens with a formal art education in Russia. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Russia) and obtained a Fashion Design diploma in Canada, after immigration. At the beginning of her professional career, her art studies focused primarily on Stage and Theater Costume Design. But fine art always played an important role in Elena’s life, and she mastered different painting and graphic techniques over time. A professional artist now, Elena expresses herself through mostly abstract contemporary artwork. She is considered an emerging artist.

    Elena Myasnikova's Artist Statement

    “I like to transfer my observations onto the canvas, capturing a shape or a sound in my artwork. Like the rock-like shapes under your feet, created by the shadows of tree canopies; or that whooshing, comforting sound of geese wings passing-by above. Communicate that moment, where time stood still, and I experienced something simple, yet so moving.”

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