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  • Donna Winn
    Style: Expressionist
  • Artist Donna Winn, with her bubbly personality, has an absolute urge to paint. Every day. She explains that part of her life's journey has been putting images on canvas or paper. Over the past 30 years, her work has seen tremendous growth because she does not shy away from risks with either mediums or shapes.

    Not one of many words, Winn explains: "Ultimately, what you paint comes from your soul and I find it difficult to find words for that."

    Donna is always open for commission pieces. Please contact us for more information.

    We sat down with Donna Winn in her studio in the small community of Redwood Meadows, just outside of Bragg Creek, AB. A full account of this is available through our Meet the Artist Blog pages.

    Bragg Creek, AB-based artist Donna Winn

    Bragg Creek, AB-based artist Donna Winn is inspired by the world around her. The beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, cityscapes or places she visits. Whether people or social economic situations; what Donna paints, originates from her soul. Born in a small village outside of Montreal, Quebec, for the past 40 years, Donna Winn has called the Calgary area home. It is here where she found her calling as an artist. It is also where she enjoyed her art schooling at the Alberta College of Art.

    Stan Perrott

    Donna has had the opportunity to work with Stan Perrott. "He was indisputably one of the most important figures in the development of art in Alberta in the post-war period. Stan encouraged and critiqued my work while I was able to visit him at his home. This truly was a privilege for me and I was grateful for that opportunity."

    International acknowledgment

    Over the years, Donna's work has been included in a variety of Galleries throughout Alberta, and she was asked to donate to international charity foundations, like Amnesty International (which she gladly obliged to). Her paintings found their way to many private collections in Canada, the USA, England and Taiwan.

    Exhibitions (past and current)


    • 2nd Annual "Taste of the World" Exhibition, Try it ART Gallery and Back to the Picture, San Francisco, CA (G)
    • "From The Soul" Solo Exhibition, Try it ART Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
    • "Spring Exhibition", Try it ART Gallery in Bragg Creek, AB (Canada) (G)


    • "Art without Borders", Try it ART Gallery in Bragg Creek, AB (Canada) (G)
    Abstract landscapes or figurative abstractions find themselves on my canvas. I find it magical to see waht line, pattern, and colour can do on a blank surface. This process is exciting for me. This is what I do; I paint. And I hope you enjoy.
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