November 6, 2017

Our Story

Available for art rental and our Art for Offices options.

Figurative art by Spanish artist, Magdalena Morey



Available for art rental and our Art for Offices options.

Art by Vancouver Island artist, Lois Goodnough



Available for art rental and our Art for Offices options.

Art by German artist, Christa Haack




Gallery and Art Rental

Online, and from our gallery nestled in the trees of West Bragg Creek, we offer you contemporary art by some of the world’s best emerging and mid-career artists. You can make your choice from our online collection, visit our gallery, or use our curator services. Take an original piece with you on the spot, or have it delivered and installed. Feel like changing your walls? Or perhaps you like your artwork so much, you don’t want to part with it. No problem! Our art rental program allows you to keep it a little longer, change it, or buy it: the choice is all yours. And because we know how it feels when you don’t want to part with a certain piece, you save $$ towards a purchase while you rent. It has never been easier, or more affordable, to have those original, contemporary artworks in your home or business.

Art for Offices

Our Art For Offices is a unique way to engage your clients, boost productivity, add some character to your walls, and build your brand. All while supporting the artists. Browse our Art For Offices page for more information on our art for business options.

Did you know, that rental fees are considered a tax-deductible expense?

Selling or staging a home in Calgary or Bragg Creek? Ask us about our special home-staging plans.

Our guarantee

Try it ART artists are hand-picked and can count themselves among the best emerging and mid-career artists in the world. Our curator visited them, personally, at their studio, wherever they are located in the world. These visits allow us to guarantee you the quality and uniqueness of the art we have in our collection. An added trust to our collectors, when buying art online. These personal meetings also enable us to get to know each artist better and build a real relationship with them. And for them, it is pretty special that their gallerist from Canada comes down to see them.

Have fun with your walls while supporting the artist

Art rental has great benefits for you and for the artist. Besides the added exposure, the biggest benefit for the artist is that they remain the rightful owner of their artwork. This allows them to potentially sell the work in the future, generating a better return on their work when compared to selling alone. And since making a living as an artist is not for the faint of heart, this is music to their ears.

For you, an art lover, budding collector or business owner, art rental provides an opportunity to experiment, develop your taste, or create engagement with your employees and customers. Renting allows you to live with the art for a while without the risk, and at a fraction of the cost when compared to purchasing work outright.

Ready to give art a try?

Ready to give art a try? Contact us, visit us, or browse our Gallery and have some contemporary art on your wall before you know it!