Art Cravings

I am excited. A few weeks ago, my eyes were drawn to this painting, online, and my heart jumped. The colors, the composition of shapes, I became an instant fan. When browsing for exhibitions to visit, I see his name and know where I am going.

Registering on an iPad and directed into the elevator. Third floor. The elevator doors open and I see him right away. How can one not? 75×55” of boldness (Prisma by Tobias Kroeger, 2017) hanging next to 84×96” of even more color (Dispersion by Oliver Vernon, 2014). Angled towards each other in a corner, these pieces seem to talk to each other, competing for attention. Bringing out their best, most energetic selves. Below these immense works of art, two small chairs and a table. Grounding and inviting: have a seat, and let it all evolve around you. I did.

The Mirus Gallery 5-year Anniversary Group Exhibition is situated in a co-op workspace and its works are featured throughout hallways, hip coffee corner, little offices with glass doors, and a conference area. The setup surprises me, it is unusual. I like it. It emphasizes how art can enhance ordinary, common, daily use spaces. I feel uplifted, inspired. Almost like a clairvoyant image, I see where I am going with my new business; what I want it to be, why, and where. I should write the ideas down before they escape me yet decide to simply enjoy the moment. Trying to hold on to this higher sense of purpose.

I sit down again, facing the elevator. Then I notice it: the main exhibition is in the room to the left. Almost missed it.



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