Art Cravings 2

A large, open, white cube, and not a single sound to be heard but my echoing footsteps on the concrete floor. I immediately regret my choice for cowboy boots this morning. A man sitting at the white counter, silently working on his computer. He does not seem to notice me. With each step my self-consciousness increases. Am I the only one disturbed by the loud sound of my boots? I feel uncomfortable like I am invading a space where I should not be. As light-footed as possible, I walk towards the counter. A guestbook! It has several pages of written testimony of people that have been here before me. I write down my name; I am in the right place: “Streetlights”, a solo-exhibition of Marco Casentini hosted by Brian Gross Fine Art.

Situated in an old warehouse, endless walls, ceilings almost go unnoticed. All white, and complete silence. Nothing is taking any attention away from the carefully selected art pieces on the walls. Vibrant colors, overlapping squares, and rectangles, textures creating a visual rhythm. I like how the exhibition is put together. Pieces grouped just right, in either two’s or three’s, complimenting each other in subtle ways, perfectly showcasing the signature style of Marco Casentini. A few bigger, single pieces placed in between, providing a pause.

I take a seat on the wooden bench in the middle of the room and let the artworks come to life for me. Casentini uses materials like canvas, plexiglass, and metal. Colorful compositions of opaque, translucent, and reflective shapes create movement, and a beautiful flow, in each piece. The exhibit was well worth my 30 minutes drive into the city.

Thanking the man behind the counter, I make my way towards the exit. In an effort not to disturb the utter silence, I pace myself, treading as lightly as I can. Futile. Wondering why some exhibitions are so awkwardly quiet, leaving me feeling like a bull in a china shop.



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