Art 4 Offices at ActionEdge Business Coaching

“Our office has art pieces from the Art 4 Offices program at Try it ART and it has really transformed our office. We frequently receive compliments from clients and guests at our office. We look professional, modern and unique, just the way we feel we are!” — Emma Gutsche, COO at ActionEdge Business Coaching, Calgary

New art on the walls at ActionEdge Business Coaching

There is new art on the walls of ActionEdge Business Coaching in Calgary. After an initial consultation, the pieces were hand-picked by Try it ART’s curator to match the business’ brand. And as you can read from their COO’s review, they love the results.

Art 4 Offices, a corporate art program

The Art 4 Offices solutions by Try it ART include works by their emerging and mid-career artists. The gallery represents well over 20 local, national and international artists who can all count themselves among the best in the world. Renting original art can range from $75 to $500 per month for extra-large pieces, delivery and installation included. That means offices of any size can rent original artwork. And since Try it ART passionately believes that art enriches your office space, inspires your people and empowers your brand, they’ll work with any budget to make that happen.

Free curator services

Their curator can help you find the perfect artwork; whether you are just looking for a few pieces of art to brighten your office space, or ready to start or add to your existing corporate art collection. Try it ART will source artwork to meet your company’s art strategy. Commissioned work by your favourite artist is also amongst the possibilities. They will manage all aspects of the shipping, delivery, and installation process, so you don’t have to.

Learn more

Read about the proven benefits of art in your office space and the Art 4 Offices program on the Try it ART website.

Book your no-obligation consultation

Interested in renting or buying art for your office? Try it ART’s Art 4 Offices services are currently available in Calgary, AB (Canada) and the San Francisco Bay Area (USA). Please get in touch for your free, no-obligation consultation and find an office art solution that fits your needs.


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