November 6, 2017

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Art Rental and Gallery, online and on-site

Located in beautiful West Bragg Creek, AB, we rent and sell contemporary art. With a mission of providing you easy and affordable access to unique artwork, we offer you original paintings by artists from around the world. You make your choice from our Gallery, online or on-site, decide if you would like to purchase or rent your favourite artwork, and we make sure it gets delivered to your home or office. It is as easy as that.

Feel like changing your walls? Or perhaps you like your original artwork so much, you don’t want to part with it. No problem! You can keep it a little longer, change it, or buy it: the choice is all yours.

Sharing the love of ART

We love ART. It inspires change, it connects worlds and starts conversations. Therefore, we want to share that love. So we continuously search for the best emerging artists, tell their story, and make their art available to you. And why stop there? We also support the artists and make a difference in our local communities. Like when we raised money for a local charity during our “Taste of the World” exhibition in San Francisco, California. Next up is a fundraiser for a local Calgary charity during our “Art without Borders” exhibition in Bragg Creek.

Doing good and sharing our love of ART are the very pillars on which we founded Try it ART.

Why rent?

Renting art has great benefits for both the art lover and the artist. Besides the added exposure, the biggest benefit for the artist is that they remain the rightful owner of their creations. This allows them to potentially sell the artwork in the future; generating a better return on their work when compared to selling alone. For the art lover, renting allows them to live with the art for a while before deciding to return it, change it, or love it so much that they decide to buy it. Renting art allows the art lover or budding art collector to experiment with art and develop their taste. Without the risk, and at a fraction of the price when compared to purchasing art outright.

ART rental for your business

Art rental for your business is a unique way to engage your clients, add some character to your walls, and build your brand. All while supporting the artists. Please contact us for our special corporate art packages. Installation services are available at an additional charge. Did you know, that rental fees are considered a tax-deductible expense?

ART helping others

Besides providing easy, affordable access to original, fine art while supporting the artists, we also want to make a difference in our local communities, ART helping others. We do so by organizing charity art events, with proceeds going towards a local charity. We continue to update you on these events through our Events and Blog pages. Or simply follow us on our Social Media channels to be kept in the loop.

Would you like to give us a try? Register today, browse our Gallery and you can have some unique art on your wall before you know it!

Opening our gallery in Bragg Creek, AB

Calgary, Cochrane, and Bragg Creek art lovers have our art rental and viewing options available to them from our new Gallery. You are welcome to make an appointment for a visit. Looking forward to meeting you!

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