Meet abstract artist Bea Garding-Schubert

Meet Bea Garding Schubert, a free spirit

Next stop in my quest to tell the artist’s story: Germany. Rain greets me as I get closer to Bea. After all the airplanes, travelling by train is a welcome break. Especially in Germany; being from the Netherlands originally, this is familiar territory and I enjoy the views as they pass me through the window. When I Read more about Meet Bea Garding Schubert, a free spirit[…]

Joaquim with "Morning", acrylic on canvas

Meeting Portuguese artist, Joaquim Lourenço

In every street, and around every corner. Up and down old stone steps. You’ll find little restaurants, bars, and patios everywhere in Lisbon. Mouthwatering smells and faint sounds of jazz. It is pretty clear that life in this beautiful old city is to be enjoyed with good food, fine wine, and music. It is here Read more about Meeting Portuguese artist, Joaquim Lourenço[…]

Mixed media and oil on canvas by Julie Edwards

Meeting the Artist: Julie Edwards

Crisp wintery weather, rolling hills, and autumn colors galore; a beautiful drive through the British countryside takes me to Wolverhampton, where I am about to meet artist Julie Edwards. Yet not before my self-esteem suffered while circling the round-a-bout three times until I clue in from which direction cars appear, and where I need to Read more about Meeting the Artist: Julie Edwards[…]